Run or Cycle
with a GPS device?

See how far you've come with a beautiful poster showing your activities.

creates unique and personal poster maps with the GPS activities from your runs and cycles.

Whether your aim is to keep or get fit or you're training for an event, a poster will inspire and motivate.

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Route Ink posters come in a number of styles and 3 sizes: Small (30cm x 40cm/12" x 18"), Regular (50cm x 70cm/18" x 24") and Super Sized (70cm x 100cm/24" x 36") sizes Closeup of London streets with hundreds of cycling commuting activites (rendered at 0.05mm thick).  If you cycle on the same streets the activities will merge into a solid line of colour Close to the poster individual activities can be seen.  This is a 7cm/3inch width closeup showing individual running activities. The <em>Dark Knight</em> style highlights your activities by using a black background. A closeup of a poster of Helsinki showing a single activity trace (the helsinki half marathon) and city streets in detail.  Here a 1mm wide activity highlights a single race. The <em>Dark Knight</em> style highlights your activities by using a black background.  Here a phone camera closeup of a 5cm/2inch wide section with 0.2mm wide activities in orange.

Terms of Service

We print and send you a printed poster map of your GPS exercise data - this is for inspiration and decoration and is not intended for navigational purposes.
Any questions please email


  1. We don't store or use your Strava/Runkeeper or other credentials except for downloading your exercise data - we don't post anything to your Strava/Runkeeper account or modify your data there in anyway.
  2. We will only store and share your data (poster images, email, name and address etc.) with 3rd parties as required to collect payment, print, deliver, and keep you notified about your order. We will not sell it (or give it away) without your explicit permission.
  3. We will not use your name or poster image for publicity or any other purpose. If we see a nice poster during the printing process and want to use it for publicity we will ask your permission first.
  4. We store your name and email to send you details of the order process and ask for any more details we need to fulfill the order - you can opt out of these mails at anytime with a single click in the email and you will not hear from us again.


  1. We create cookies on the website - These are stored locally by your web browser and sent back to on each visit. You can turn these off and delete but the poster creation and ordering process will not likely work. If you're worried about cookies and still want to use its best to delete after your visit.
  2. We track usage on (using cookies) to see which features are popular, what works, and what doesn't, so we can improve our service.
  3. We may use cookies to create targeted advertising and promotions.

Credit Card information

  1. We use Stripe to collect payments - we don't retain or see your credit card details.
  2. You can tell Stripe to remember your card details for future purchases if your wish (with us or other retailers) but we don't see the details. Stripes privacy policy is here


  1. Once we've received your order we aim to process it immediately. Therefore, it can't usually be modified - let us know by email ASAP and we wll do our best to stop the press!
  2. We ship your poster in a rugged cardboard tube using priority postal mail (or other service at our discretion). Although we estimate that delivery should be made within 2 weeks we cannot guarantee delivery dates and accept no responsibility for delayed products.
  3. Any import duties, custom charges, or sales taxes charged outside the European Union are the responsibility of the customer.
  4. It is your reponsibility to ensure the address given to is correct. We are not responsible for lost packages due to incorrect or poorly entered addresses.
  5. In the event of your package becoming lost or damaged in the post, will choose to either send a replacement or give a full refund at our discretion.


  1. The service is governed by Finnish law. Any dispute arising from, or related to, such service shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Finland.
  2. If we're unable or unwilling to complete your order in a reasonable timescale we will refund your payment.

Connection Help

What do you do with my data?

  1. Once you've given permission for to access your data, we will download your activities and store the name/date and GPS time/location so it can be plotted on a map.
  2. That data is only visible on when logged in with your Strava/Runkeeper accout.
  3. We will use your data for printing your poster and wo will not share, sell, or give it away without asking you first.
Read our Terms of Service for more details about privacy.

What Strava permissions do you need?

If you connect with Strava you'll be asked to give us the following permissions.
  1. Access your profile and activity data - So we can read your activity data.
  2. Access private data on your activities - So we can plot data from your privacy zone.

What Runkeeper permissions do you need?

On Runkeeper you'll be asked for the following access.
Despite the permissions Runkeeper gives us (which is the minimum we can get) we will not update your profile, settings, friends, or post new activities
  1. Access and update your profile and settings - We don't use.
  2. Access and update your friends - We don't use.
  3. Post new activities and measurements - We don't use.
  4. Read your activity and measurement history - So we can read your activity data.

Why do you need my email and what do you do with it?

It normally takes 20-30 seconds to download and process your GPS data, but if there's a high activity on the site or we're making too many requests to the Strava or Runkeeper services there may be a delay.
We will email you with a link to your poster when it is ready, we will follow up with a few reminders and hints to help you create your poster, and any updates and news about the service (less than 1 a month).
Every email will have a link which will stop all further emails.

I don't use Strava or Runkeeper how can I get a poster?

There's a number of options, First Subscribe to our mailing list to find out when we add support for new providers and so we can prioritize support based on need
  1. Create a free Strava or Runkeeper and copy your data to that account.
  2. Strava can upload new activities and upto 30 days of past activities automatically and activities can be manually copied to both services.
  3. The excellent Tapiriik service can copy past and future activities from a large number of services for just a $2 yearly contribution.

Any questions or suggestions please Email us

Poster Help

Highlight All

Makes all activities appear super thick so you can see where to zoom in on the map.

Activity Width

By default the activity lines are printed 0.2mm thick. A single line will not be visible more than about a meter away from the poster (obviously depending on the background map and your eyesight).
If you've run the same route multiple times different thinner lines often look good. With fewer activity on the same paths thicker lines may stand out more.

Zoom in and out

Use the + and - buttons to zoom in and out of your map. A mouse wheel or two fingers on a trackpad may also work depending on your device.
To move the map drag it left and right.


Click on the left or right sides of the orientation control to rotate your poster.
Click on the top to reset the map back with North at the top.


You can choose between landscape and portrait orientations so your activities fits just right in you poster and looks good on your wall.

Checkout Help

When will my card be charged and poster printed?

Posters are usually printed and shipped on the same day as ordering - perhaps a little longer if the order is received at the weekend or late in the day. Your card will be charged before the poster is printed. Any major delays we will get in contact with you.

How is my poster Shipped?

Your poster will be shipped in a rugged cardboard tube, which should protect it from the rigours of international travel

When will I receive my poster?

Shipping is by DHL Express shipping from our print centre in Finland and will usually arrive in a week: 3-4 working days in Europe and 4-6 around the world
Depending on how you get your post it's unlikely the poster tube will fit through your letter box, so you may receive a card to rearrange delivery.

What if I don't receive my poster?

Please wait until 10 working days after order then Email us, so we can ship another poster to you

My poster has arrived damaged?

Please Email us, so we can investigate and sort out a replacement.
If you can, please send a photo of the damage or atleast a description.

Will I be charged Import Duty or Tax?

Possibly, it depends.
  • If you're in the European Union has already charged VAT and there will be no further charges.
  • Outside the EU, most countries don't charge import duty on posters (see your local custom department or here for advice), but you may have to pay sales tax or value added tax if that's usual in your country/state. If charged, and often for small items you will not be, you'll probably need to pay this to the local postal service before receiving.
  • Any questions please Email us

    Whilst it's possible to create your poster on a small screen device. has been optimized for a desktop or tablet screen where you can see much more detail.
    Reconnect to the same Strava/Runkeeper account to see your poster in any other browser.